Custom vector illustration for advertising, communications, editorial & licensing

About Leslie


I have a unique, yet, broad range of illustration styles that have a fresh, friendly appeal. I love shapes, I’m a shapemaker! Bold, fun color and compositions that have movement and flow. Vector illustration lets me have ultimate control.

I’m trained in traditional media, and have pre-digital print design and production skills. But I'm digital all the way, I use Adobe Creative Cloud, my 27" iMac and 15" MBP. Yes, I’ve learned to love Illustrator after being a loyal FreeHand user.

Understanding printing and web production helps me give clients exactly what they need once an illustration is finalized. File formats, ppi, dpi, rgb, cmyk? I get it.

I live in the woods of Indianola in Washington State, my commute is a 100 yard walk to a cozy studio, along the way I encounter heavy traffic —birds, bunnies and slugs! There I have a view of the garden, woods and our bee hives. It’s an inspiring environment. I feel very lucky.

Indianola Pier

Indianola Pier, on the horizon (far left) Mt. Rainier and Bainbridge Island

My husband, Tim Celeski and I moved from Seattle to Indianola in 2008. Where’s Indianola? It’s across Puget Sound, a bit northwest of Seattle on the Kitsap Penninsula — north of Bainbridge Island, south of Kingston. Indianola is a picturesque beachfront community with a unique, charming character. In the Summer kids from all around gather at the beach and jump off the long pier. We’re in the “country” but still have easy access to the big city via the Bainbridge Island ferry. I blog and tweet about life in the woods as Fernwoodsy.

Inspirations and interests: gardening and native plants; drawing and painting (a digital antidote); our three cats; and just getting outside — a walk to the beach clears the cobwebs.